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Elzata Goodman
Program Director


Welcome to our website!  At Ujima Urban Women Center, we are dedicated to providing Compassion, Advocacy, and Training to Urban Women residing in Trenton NJ and the surrounding areas.

An Urban Woman is a female, head of household, living and/or working in an urban setting. 

According to the 2000 Profile of Demographic Characteristics, nearly 50% of the households in Trenton, NJ were headed by single mothers and nearly half of those households were headed by single mothers living at or below the poverty line.

With poverty often being an intergenerational obstacle, and with specific concern given to the current economic climate and the growing national unemployment rate, Urban Women in New Jersey -particularly single mothers- can easily find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges that confront them.  Further, urban Women who lack professional skills, self-advocacy skills and life-coping skills often live in a perpetual cycle of:

Unemployment; inadequate housing; engagement in abusive relationships; substance abuse; and challenges to active parenting; these challenges cause frustration, frustration leads to pessimism, and pessimism often results in hopelessness.

At The Ujima Urban Women Center we work to combat frustration, pessimism and hopelessness with compassion, advocacy and training!

Courtesy is among the greatest gifts that we have to offer our program participants.

Often the points of contact for community social services are impatient with the understandable defensiveness and anxiety of many who seek to access them.  A common contention is a lack of courtesy offered at such offices, which result in hostility towards systems designed to provide relief.

At Ujima we work to mitigate defensiveness and anxiety by treating every woman who graces our door with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.  We offer supportive counseling, and we work to identify and affirm the strength and value in each of the women that we serve.

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